PrixCRM Standard


PrixCRM Standard

CRM Standard is one of the most innovative solutions for the broker. This allows you to integrate your account with multiple accounts available on the server. CRM Standard also connects with your trading platforms as well as whitelabel solutions easily. So this system solution works with any trading platforms no matter which one you use. This CRM Standard also comes with customization as per your business needs option.

By using CRM Standard, you can provide profile access to your traders along with all the required tools which are necessary for managing the transactions, partner system, leads and more.

You can also manage the leads, existing client’s buying and selling history, demographics and more so that your sales team will perform cross-selling and up-selling. It also maximizes the potential of business by effectively integrating data and tracing the communication for future reference.

Important Features of Our CRM Standard

User Management

Receive user friendly interface, so that you can manage and communicate with your current and potential user, their profile information efficiently.

Account Management

With our CRM, you can manage your client’s account, track all their activities, interact with them, check performance & more.

Deposits & Funding

This features allows your trader’s to electronically deposit funds into their trading account, and you can monitor the payment history.


Ticket management offers the easy solution of storing all the client’s information within software in an organised manner to access it later efficiently.

Account Requests

Handle live as well as demo account opening requests, complete the registration process and access the notification for approvals.

KYC & Compliance

It includes the section for uploading documents for KYC along with a compliant background check that comes with the questionnaire.

MT4 API Connection

With the API connection, create solutions to your requirements & integrate MT4 seamlessly with our CRM to perform tasks efficiently.

Benefits of Using our Solution

Professional Team

We have experienced and trading skilled teams of experts who are capable of solving all your problems related to the CRM.

Affordable Price

We always create innovative solutions which can help our clients to maintain their brand and earn profit at an affordable cost.

Security of Data

Every data or the sensitive information you share with us is completely safe and stored into our secured storage environment.

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