AffiliateSys is the perfect affiliate marketing as well as tracking solution which primarily focuses on trading markets. AffiliateSys helps you to manage all your affiliate to spread the brand awareness and allow users to use your links in the exchange of commission.

AffiliateSys helps you to track all the affiliate links and how much clicks are coming from each links as well as also calculate the commissions without any hassle. So you just need to focus on monitoring the affiliate links and earning the profit all the hectic calculation part will be done by our AffiliateSys.

It also includes the affiliate partner with whom you can collaborate to share your business links and they can promote your business on their business. This will help your business to attract more potential customers. AffilateSys also provide detailed reports about how well your affiliate links are working.

Features of using AffilateSys

Affiliate Management

For managing your affiliate you will receive dashboard, granular information, multiple commission plans, sign up approval and email verification

Fully Customizable

You can control the layout of your dashboard as well as link patterns for unique identity, notification for every successful link clicked.

Commission Plans

AffiliateSys automatically calculate the commission rates depending upon the clicks and revenue for your clients as it predefined into the software.

Advanced Reporting

You will receive everything about, click through rate, link clicked, conversion, products purchased and more at just single-click.

Benefits of using our Product

24-Hour Support

Our support includes the direct connection with account manager, so that you can completely rely on us for any queries you encounter while processing.

Transparency in Rate

We pursue great relationships with our clients by providing complete transparency under our commission rates, pricing structure such as setup fees.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our software solution is very affordable than the market competitors without degrading the quality of data you will receive from each affiliate link.

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