10 Facts To Clear Doubts About Forex Trading & Forex CRM

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10 Facts To Clear Doubts About Forex Trading & Forex CRM

Trading in the Forex market is all about speculation and that is possible only through proper study. But being a Forex broker is also not an easy task as they have to look after the international laws, licensing regulations and have many responsibilities. To reduce their difficulties, there is one such solution and that is CRM. It facilitates broker’s duties. Although Forex trading and CRM are widely used term still there are certain doubts about it.

Here are 10 facts which need to get cleared about Forex Trading and Forex CRM:

CRM is multilingual:

There is often a doubt about ‘How can people speaking different languages come together to trade on one platform?’. Well, the answer is Forex CRM. At ForexBrokerWebsite you can buy CRM to communicate with your traders in your preferred language.

Integration with MT4/MT5:

MT4/MT5 are the forex trading platforms which helps traders to execute trades online easily and securely. Traders can easily integrate these platforms with CRM to start their business immediately as well as form the connection between brokers & traders.

Introducing Brokers are available in CRM:

Introducing Brokers (IBS) is a very crucial participant in the foreign exchange market. With the help of one IBS you can attract a large amount of businesses. CRM gives you the chance to connect with a number of IBs to get maximum returns.

Customized commission plan for Introducing brokers:

The relation between brokers and IBs are based on commission, CRM solves this issue too and allows the brokers to have customized commission plans for every single IB. The benefit of using this service is that it gives a long term association with the IBs.

Easy team Management:

CRM gives brokers the chance to operate their team flexibly from anywhere. Brokers can assign job roles to their team on the basis of hierarchy and give them permission, all this just by a tap on the screen with CRM. This will help to get maximum traders on board.

Data is easily accessible:

CRM provides all the data related to brokerage and trading activity to the brokers. So, the brokers can keep an eye on everything that goes on the trading platform. This also allows the brokers to be prepared and plan their way ahead.

Technical Team is always on their toes:

CRM manages and reduces a lot of work for the brokers. In case of any issue regarding CRM, the brokers can call the technical team and resolve the problem easily. At ForexBrokerWebsite you can get CRM that has a ticketing option where the issues are resolved instantly and also the support system is always around to help.

Sales and support tracking becomes easy:

Broker’s main motive is to bring more and more trades on board. For brokers, keeping track of the support system and sales team is important. CRM helps to do that by managing sales and increasing relations with the clients.

Helps to get live notification of the trader’s room:

Traders do their Forex transaction in the trader’s room, which is kept private from other traders. But, CRM gives brokers, the opportunity to get live notification of the trader’s room. 

Integration with Payment Gateways:

One thing is for sure that every trader wishes to get their trading benefits. For that, there is a system in CRM to connect funds, e-wallets and payment gateways all in one place. This gives the traders and IBs a great experience. 

CRM is the most effective and fast way to form and manage relations between traders & brokers. ForexBrokerWebsite provides this CRM solution at affordable cost, for more information visit our website or simply mail us at “ sales@prixim.co.uk”

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