5 Elements Of Forex Website Design Which Annoys Your Traders

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5 Elements Of Forex Website Design Which Annoys Your Traders

Your Forex website must attract most of the traders so that your business will get hike and profit. To achieve this goal, Forex SEO strategies come in the process. Everyday , there are multiple visitors showing up on websites but few of them are interested in connecting with your business and this happens because of your website design.

As using SEO specific keywords into your website content helps to get more visitors, similarly design or layout helps them to keep engage with your website. So even though you are using SEO keywords, website design factors annoys the visitors. Checkout the below listed elements of your Forex website design annoys potential traders:

Annoying pop-ups:

As pop-ups help to promote your products/services and exciting offers, but everytime visitor comes to your website, he has to face this pop-up which annoys them and everytime they have to close it. So if you are using such pop-ups then keep it minimal and use it after some days of intervals. By keeping these pop-ups away from website visitors or potential traders, you can help them to navigate comfortably. 

Improper tax formatting:

Keep the font style simple, if you uploaded fonts in complicated manners or if its not understandable then, traders directly close the website and go for another one. So with loss of reliability, you can’t expect traders will spend their time on your website. 

Annoying sound:

Whenever the Forex website opens, no one expects to listen to the immediate boom loud sound or track. So never add an autoplay video option in your also by enabling the sound. And if somebody is interested in watching your video, he can directly unmute it. 

Slow loading time with larger images & videos:

Whenever you upload longer videos or images on a website with the highest quality, it eventually reduces the loading speed. And this website loading time also affects the SEO strategies, so it’s better to keep fast as possible. If a trader visited your website and found the slow loading then he won’t just wait for opening your website. 

Attractive layout:

To bring great support from traders, your website must be designed with a clean & aligned layout. It helps to minimise the bounce rate because you are providing something that visitors are looking for. You have to implement best navigation on the website to attract more traffic.

So to develop such a great Forex website design which will help you to attract more visitors and potential traders, just visit our  ForexBrokerWebsite or mail us at “ sales@prixim.co.uk”

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