5 Key Factors That Make MT5 a Favoured Choice For FX Trading

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What Is MetaTrader5?

MT5 or MetaTrader5 is a whitelabel trading platform which was introduced in 2010. It helps traders to perform trading operations very easily and effectively. MT5 whitelabel gained more popularity in the financial market because of its capabilities over the cheap MT4 whitelabel.

Traders can get user-friendly interfaces from web, desktop as well as on mobile. Cheap MT5 whitelabel also provides automatic trading by using the robots and signals. It also offers large numbers of technical analysis tools like indicators, charts and more. 

Key factors that make MT5 whitelabel a more favourable choice:

Multi-Asset Platform: 

MetaTrader5 whitelabel is also prepared for other asset classes such as equities, stocks & exchange trade commodities. MT5 helps to trade any assets over an exchange without any broker support. It also helps to subtract the broker’s interest rate and make it more profitable for traders.

Historical Data: 

With the help of MT5, a trader can simply extract the historical data from the broker’s server. MT5 whitelabel trading platform also offers enhanced chart data storage support into trader’s servers which also includes granular minute charts. So all these features make MT5 a great tool for traders who are interested in performing the technical analysis while performing investment. 

Charts & Execution Types:

MT5 provides 21 charts and the amount of bars storing capacity on the server is also increased. So this helps traders to directly download the high quality trading data on the first log-in.

MT5 also offers buy stop limit as well as sell stop limit, so a trader can place an order whenever price hits the stop-level.

Native Support For Market Depth: 

MT5 provides access to the market depth data to get a better understanding of market activity which helps to predict the execution price depending upon the trade size for a particular symbol. It also provides transparency on broker’s price. 

Much Faster To Trade With MT5:

MT5 whitelabel turnkey Forex brokerage solution has 64-bit architecture as well as a multi-threaded which helps to perform tasks parallel way plus speeding-up the trading algorithm.

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