Complete Guide to Perform Day Trading Using MT5

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Complete Guide to Perform Day Trading Using MT5” provides you a turnkey solution for your Forex Brokerage Business under Prixim Infowares UK Limited. provides you a turnkey Forex brokerage solution for your low cost whitelabel Forex Brokerage Business under Prixim Infowares UK Limited.

If you’ve decided that day-trading is the perfect style for you, it’s necessary to perform in the best trading environment. All that requires is a fast, reliable, and robust whitelabel trading platform like MT5 whitelabel (MetaTrader 5).

Check out our beginner’s guide to use our cheap MT5 whitelabel for your trading. It includes placing your first order, managing pending orders, automated trading, and more.

Just follow these simple steps to place your first order using MT5 whitelabel trading platform:

1) In the Market Watch window, select your financial instrument and right-click on it.

2) Click on “New Order”!

3) Then, decide the order type which you want to execute: Pending, Instant or Market Order.

Instant Order

After selecting instant order you must determine:

• Volume (the size of your position),

• The levels of stop-loss & take-profit.

Then, press the “Sell” or “Buy” button depending on the scenario to process your order at the next available price.

Pending Order

After selecting pending order you must determine:

• Order type which you want to place (Buy/Sell stop, Buy/Sell Limit, Buy stop/Sell stop limit)

• Price at which you want to place your order,

• Volume (the size of your position),

• The levels of stop-loss & take-profit. Then, press the “Place” button.

Your order will appear at the bottom of the interface until the order is executing.

Automated Trading or Copy-Trading?

MetaTrader5 whitelabel has all the features including automated trading or copy trading options!

Cheap MT5 whitelabel is the multi-asset whitelabel platform which offers best trading possibilities as well as technical analysis tools, plus automated trading systems (trading robots) & copy trading.

So, MT5 whitelabel trading platform is the all-in-one platform for trading the currency, stock & futures which can also be used by day-traders who love to automate their trading strategies, or who prefer to duplicate strategies from other successful traders around the globe.

Day Trading Using MT5 whitelabel

MT5 whitelabel is the perfect trading platform for day-traders who want to improve their trading level. 

Some important things to consider before starting day-trading:

• Only trade with money on which you can take risks and losses won’t affect you in the future.

• Always grasp financial & economical knowledge because it’s essential for success in trading.

• Always apply consistent trading strategy and use money management rules.

If you are considering starting a whitelabel Forex Brokerage Company and forex white label. We provide a complete setup of MT4/MT5 White Label solution and broker tools to arrive in the Forex market through our White Label Program.

To discuss more about White Label solutions. Our support team will be available 24/5. For more details about our services; Contact us on

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