Forex CRM: What & Why Brokers Need It?

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Forex CRM: What & Why Brokers Need It?

Forex market is facing lots of issues which demand some external resources while maintaining the currently running profit margin. New regulations are forcing brokerage businesses to focus more on their basic working approaches such as acquiring and retaining customers as well as managing the sales count plus marketing team.

CRM or customer relationship management can become a one-stop solution for such issues. This software brings all aspects of company together and helps brokers to coordinate with their sales team & improve the interactions with clients as well as new potential customers. Today’s market expects instant data as well as information which can generate immediate leads. Also need to check the customer’s or trader’s activities and their feedback. 

For this foreign exchange market special CRM is available which includes a broker management system that provides a back office system, trader’s room, partner’s portal & more. This can also be capable of performing the KYC related tasks, managing the trading activities, interactions with clients, IBs and potential customers. It helps to identify up-selling & cross-selling expectations plus target the existing customers to provide new services/products and more.

Trader’s room is another feature which is famous in the Forex industry. This is also known as Fx Client Portal, Trades Portal or Middle Office. This is the interface which a trader has to face while opening an trading account. This integrates easily with the CRM and there are so many cost consideration options available depending upon such features. Checkout the below listed features to understand why brokers are using CRM:

  • CRM software allows the integration with the largest useful trading platforms such as MT4 & MT5 or you can also add the new services as well. 
  • It helps to support the sales team by tracking the leads.
  • It offers multi-level partnership management such as IBs commission rates and their activity tracking.
  • Provides report on trading statistics, revenue calculation, leads, dividends as well as free form request. 
  • It can track the process as well as perform the regulatory audits on client documentation.
  • Communication tracking is available so that it can be used as the database for new salesman and customer service team. 
  • Gives you the payment process integration which helps to offer the straightforward and number of payment services to your clients. 
  • Keeps the client’s account records in multiple classified groups so that retrieving becomes easier.
  • Allows dedicated communication with IBs through the separate portal for privacy. 

So these are the reasons, brokers always use the CRM solution in their business. To buy this multi-featured CRM solution at affordable price, you must visit ForexBrokerWebsite or email us at “”

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