Top 7 Features Of Forex Brokerage CRM

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Top 7 Features Of Forex Brokerage CRM

Foreign exchange trading is improving at a very rapid speed. And this trading market operates with lots of foreign exchange traders around the globe, which eventually increases the demands of Forex brokers in the market. Becoming foreign exchange brokers is very profitable and hassle-free in today’s world. And brokers have to increase their trader’s count for running successful brokerage firms, so with the help of CRM solutions, brokers can easily add more & more Forex traders in the market. 

Find out top 7 features of this Forex Brokerage CRM:

Helps to Analyse Leads:

CRM solution helps to monitor and rectify the lead’s sources to make sure & help brokers to know and understand, from where their futures leads will come. These leads can come from email, social media, digital ads and more. So  by knowing the source, it’s very easy to make predictions of future leads. CRM also helps brokers to collect all the data as well as run automatic analysis.  

Understand Conversion Rate:

Attracting leads is very crucial but it’s also important to understand which specific leads are having more conversion rates. Successfully converted leads become traders for your trading platform. So this conversion is possible with CRM, it also helps to compare leads and verifying revenues as well as source, which eventually save money of brokers.

Monitoring Leads:

Every lead is important for every broker as they are the doors of welcoming more and more traders into their brokerage firm. CRM solution helps sales team to manage all these incoming leads, also tracking those leads and applying actions on it. 

Keeping Records of Communication:

With the use of CRM solution, sales team can easily connect with leads via call and can keep the call recording for future reference. Sales team can perform VOIP calls and can store it with the help of CRM. CRM also shows the chat history plus email records as well. 

Monitoring Account Actions:

Traders can be on demo or regular accounts, brokers must have knowledge about their trader’s account activities. CRM helps to form trader-broker connectivity and helps to monitor trader’s activities. 

Troubleshoot Problems:

CRM provides functionality for traders to get help from their team via their ticketing system. Brokers don’t want their traders to face any technical difficulties while performing trading so CRM helps to troubleshoot all the problems. 

Smooth & Easy Account Closure: 

If any trader wants to leave the Forex trading platform, the broker needs to understand the problem of the trader as well as the reason for leaving. So CRM helps to show the track record of such trader’s actions as well as provide smooth account closing process. So Forex CRM helps to attract more traders into the brokerage firms as well as manage the relationship with them.

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