Chat and Email Support Services

Chat and Email Support

In the busy world of Forex trading, there is no down-time. Traders exchange currencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To stay competitive, Forex trading platforms need to answer the growing demand for around the clock customer service.

At Prixim, our Email & Chat Support Services offers continuously improving back office support for forex brokers worldwide. Prixim Email & Chat Support service is the easiest and fastest way for your customers to contact whenever there is a problem. And also We can handle multiple chats at once, so the wait time is reduced and customers have a better experience.

We continuously strive to provide our customers with the services, tools, support, and take advantage of the Email & Chat Support and the opportunities we offer. We are constantly developing new advanced ways to make our client’s outsourcing and support even better.

Prixim as a Forex/CFD and stock business outsourcing provider meets this demand by offering 24/5 hour. Our Email & Chat Support service support for their clients business.

  • Cost-effective.
  • Lead generation through website traffic.
  • Fast problem resolution.
  • Improve customer service and loyalty.

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