Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


Prixim uses cookies on website to make user/visitors experience much more friendly and better. At the moment you visit this website, you are agreeing to these cookie policy & you are also providing us the permission to use cookies.

About Cookies :

  • Your web browser sends an identifier which stores in the form of a cookie on your browser only. That same data is always sends to the server whenever browser request for page.
  • There are 2 types of cookies such as session and persistent; session cookie expires every time browser shuts down and persistent cookie will remain stored inside browser until its date of expiry or manually deleted by user.
  • Cookies are not made for storing any personal website visitor’s data, but the personal data which we store about website visitors, sometimes connected with cookies.

We use cookies for :

  • Identifying website visitors and to understand how they navigate on our website.
  • Verifying whether website visitor is logged in or not.
  • Understanding every visitor’s choice and preferences so that we can customize our website depending upon their requirements.
  • Providing user account protection and securing login information.
  • Analyzing the performance as well as growth of our website.

Managing Cookies :

  • You can manage these cookies by simply refusing or deleting, because now a days, most of the web browsers provides this option, every time user visits the particular website.
  • But, not accepting cookies or blocking cookies also impact on user experience, because it limits the website features whenever user visited that particular website.

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