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Forex CRM and Tradersroom

Forex CRM and Tradersroom

We have developed a Forex CRM that is designed specifically for the needs of management, sales, retention and back office teams. The Forex CRM captures leads via our Lead API from landing pages or you can import them via the CRM. Sales teams can then work on the leads in order to convert them to be accounts. Once accounts are created your retention team can view all the MT4 trading related information including balance, equity, closed and open positions and also view documents uploaded from the website .

Under the secured login account, you and your clients will get access to hundreds of features from registering new accounts to managing system languages to electronic deposits and live chat service. Our system offers so many functionalities and services which you need to experience.

Forex Broker Website has some expertise in site back office client entries, plan, custom improvement, and frameworks mix in the foreign trade space, working with forex intermediaries, innovation suppliers and showcasing organizations to convey cutting edge web nearness. We don’t take part in the market exercises. This makes us trust with intermediaries’ permits us to be stage and supplier free and keeps us unaffected by market occasions.

Some of the key benefits of our Forex CRM are :

  • Opening Demo and Live accounts from website.
  • Various deposit and withdrawal options, e-payments.
  • Opening new trading accounts from Trader’s Room application.
  • Transferring funds between trading accounts.
  • Automatic email notifications about all clients activities.

Some of key benefits of our Tradersroom :

  • Reduces back-end support work for you.
  • Easy to use for your traders.
  • State-of-the-art technology and highly functional.
  • Helps you take feedback from your traders.
  • Your clients can easily submit any required documents.
  • Traders can easily make transactions using forex Tradersroom.

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