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MT4 Mobile Manager

Prixim Meta manager is a power management tool for MT4 platform. Prixim Meta manager is designed for brokerage firms, business owners, risk managers and heads of dealing that want to monitor clients and trades constantly from the MT4 manager terminal. Prixim Meta manager empowers its users monitoring and reporting capabilities from your fingertips even when they are away from their desktops or laptops.

Bolster your MT4 manager Platform by using our mt4 mobile manager, a software developed specifically for Forex Brokers.

A tool developed for processing trade operations and managing traders' accounts

Best way to manage and track your business irrespective of the place you are, whether you are on a holiday or chilling near the poolside of a resort.Don't let your holidays make you inattentive at your business.Now supervise your MT4 manager live, away from your desk or laptop, and most importantly cut the trouble of carrying your laptop wherever you go.

With our application, managers can get all appropriate information from manager terminal and have them displayed in real-time on their mobile phone.

Our Application Management Services include :

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Flexible Time Periods
  • Alerts
  • Exposure
  • Backups
  • Reports

A Convenient and easy to access application for all your managerial needs and to keep in touch with your business without restrictions.

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