PrixCRM Suite


PrixCRM Suite

CRM suite helps you to manage all your IBs as well as clients efficiently. It offers a smooth and standardized way of working environment for your trading processes. This results in minimizing the cost plus improves the work efficiency and customer retention as well. This CRM Suite works along with your trading platforms seamlessly as it has multi-tier compatibility that allows you to grow business rapidly.

CRM suite helps you to manage your entire brokerage business and reduces the trading risk as well. It includes all the functions required for running the brokerage business. All the functions included in our CRM suite helps to enhance the client and broker-trader relationship with each other.

Our CRM suite ensures minimum downtime along with the latest Forex technology and support system. You will also receive the detailed analytics about your business to manage all your clients to create more profit.

Core features of our CRM Suite

All-In-One Functionality

CRM suite includes all the functions such as account opening, transactions, multi-tier agent, role permission setting etc, which required to run business smoothly.

Trader/IB Portal

This feature involves immediate account opening, electronic identity verification, commission setting, reporting and more for controlling traders & introducing brokers

Admin Panel

CRM suite provides admin panel which comes with management of fund, report, account, information management plus system statistics and rebate configuration.

Why choose us?

Stable System

Our CRM suite product is completely stable and can work without crashing, this helps you to run your operations efficiently without any disturbance.

Detailed Report

We always provide in-depth reports about every transaction details as well as position summary in real-time for better understanding of the market.

Expert Support

We have a team of professionals and experienced people who handles CRM suite very so for any queries you can simply connect with us & receive a solution instantly.

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