Get the RiskDealer to minimize your trading cost as well as manage your risk encounters while trading and stay away from the losses. You can use this RiskDealer along with your currently running broker setup as well as bridge provider without stressing your trading platform server. RiskDealer includes some extra add-on features which you won't find in the trading platform. It also offers real-time data about your client’s trading activities along with user friendly interface for easy understanding.

RiskDealer is the perfect solution for the brokers who want to perform the smooth operations in a fast and volatile trading market. Using RiskDealer, you can ensure your traders the success as well as profitability in business. As RiskDealer handles multiple orders at a time, you can focus on executing more trades. RiskDealer uses the risk avoiding strategies for helping you to gain more profit and keeps you away from the money loss.

Key Features of RiskDealer

Trade Monitoring

RiskDealer monitors all your company trades, uses your trading platform for instant execution and tracks and provides full analytics.

Fast Dynamic Interface

Working interface of RiskDealer is very simple and responsive so that you will never miss any risk updates coming from our software.

Platform Compatibility

No matter which trading platform you use or bridge provider you're comfortable with, RiskDealer gets easily compatible with any server.

Customization in Pricing

You can easily customise the price rates for your clients to manage their flow by using this RiskDealer software.

Smart Order Routing

RiskDealer has its own dedicated order routing algorithm which helps you to buy & sell the trades in the market smartly and avoid the loss.

In-Depth Reports

Get the detailed report about each and every trader’s activities, market price fluctuations, risk factors and more with just one click.

Why Should You Use our Software?

Easy Setup

We always care about the client's valuable time, so our solutions are made up in such a way that it's easily gets installed into your system.

24/7 Professional Support

As RiskDealer includes some market and technical terms, we provide 24/7 professional experienced team support for solving your all queries.


You can save a lot of money in trading by using our RiskDealer solution which is available at a very affordable price without degrading the quality.

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