Software and Platforms

Software and Platforms

Prixim Infowares UK Limited is an expert IT-BPO service provider and delivers key Retail and Consumer Products BPO Support Services globally. We provide business process outsourcing services for Retail companies including retailers, eCommerce retailers, consumer product and software companies, direct response marketers and others.

Prixim empower retailers by rendering exceptional customer experience. We help retailers provide seamless service across all customer touch points. Our proficient and trained customer service Agents deeply understand the sales cycle and meticulously respond, interact and help close sales via phone, chat, and email channels. They combine their skills with our transparent trend analysis reporting that makes a company’s brand image, quality and visibility documentation possible outside of a CRM. We thus render 100% fully utilized customer care solution.

Today various Platform and Software Industries spend thousands of dollars on advertising online to drive traffic to their stores/website. The increased competition on the web has forced retailers to compete on lower margins and offer value-added services to build brand loyalty. This culminates into an out-of-pocket expense with narrow profit margins for the retailers. To help boost their sales pipeline while reducing costs, our industry leading technology provides phone, chat, and email support to your customers, round the clock.

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