Technical support services

Technical support services

We offer a sustainable value proposition – a young and productive workforce, demonstrated superiority in handling business process outsourcing initiatives, sustained cost advantage. As one of the most popular outsourcing locations, We have a vast pool of highly educated, qualified, and skilled professionals who have the requisite domain knowledge. The country is renowned for its progress in the field of information technology. These features along with several others make Us an attractive company for outsourcing technical support services.

Outsourcing technical support functions will greatly advantage who need to run the technological race under highly competitive market challenges, allowing them to focus on their core processes without compromising on customer service and support. Let a professional and dedicated team devote all their energy and expertise to providing technical support services. This will prove to be financially profitable for your company and give a boost to your customer satisfaction rate.

Software Usage / Problems Support

We provide competent software maintenance and support service packages to global organizations and independent software vendors.

Application / Desktop Queries

We provide constant maintenance and support which aids in a seamless process flow and uninterrupted application with digital solutions.

Product Related Problems/Queries

We deliver cohesively, leveraging multiple channels such as voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support, across industries, covering the entire product life cycle on a “round the clock” model.

Installation Support

We provide a full network installation service, ensuring proficiency in addressing and diagnosing any hardware and software problems clients may face.

Troubleshooting Support

We aim to undertake all troubleshooting and support in-house, and deliver end-to-end support and troubleshooting service.

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