Trade Bridge

Trade Bridge

Prixim offers several functions under our trade bridge technology which also includes liquidity aggregation, A/B book trade execution as well as management of risk. It helps every broker to maintain connection with their bank account with trading account as well as creates the route between your business & liquidity pool which helps manage open trades, forming fresh trade and adjusting the losses.

Advantages of using our Trade Bridge Technology

Best Configuration

Our trade bridge helps brokers to select between hedging client trades or B-book trader at the real time price as well as brokers can configure multiple servers in a single place.

Advanced Functions

It helps to include more than one trade symbols into your MT4/MT5 symbols for correct & secure liquidity aggregation which helps to provide best bids integrated under client process.


Our trade bridge technology is very cost effective as compared to other service providers as well as, it doesn't include any additional volume fees.


Our technical support team works always to help every Forex broker to install trade bridge, configure, maintain and solves any other related queries without any delay.

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